Tuesday, April 23, 2013


You may not know this but as a PHN, I do home visits. At home. Family homes. And home visits may not be the best way to describe it. They are more like personal visits. Sometimes they are at home, in the clinic, in the hospital, at the park, at Starbucks. Most families that I do do know own a home or rent a home or even rent their own apartment. Usually, a family of 3 or more (usually more like 4-6) rents a room in a house or a 2-3 bedroom apartment. It's typical to find several families living in a 3-bedroom home. That is very crowded living. So when I do home visits, sometimes it's hard to have privacy with just the child or the parent.

Add to that kind of apartment living, parking. I try to use the county care because it's less wear and gas for my car. The county does pay for gas mileage something like $0.565/mile but that's supposed to include oil changes, tire rotation & balance. It doesn't include tolls, parking fees. On average I get about $100 extra for my gas expenses because I really try to use the county cars when possible. Either way, any car I drive needs parking. Luckily, the county pays for parking when there is a lot to a hospital or clinic, but on home visits I have to park in the street of some sometimes unsafe neighborhoods. I always try to keep anything valuable at home. If I can't, I never leave things visible in the seats, always in the trunk. I take my purse inside or at least my wallet. I bring a copy of the address with me so that people who look at my computer or car will know where I was last. Its the hazard of the job.

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