Friday, May 3, 2013

Musical Inspiration

Sometimes you think going to the private hospital will provide you with better doctors, but that's not always the case. I met a primary care provider at a county clinic who was amazing with children and parents. She pretty much sang through her assessments and made kids laugh. You kind of have to be silly with kids if you're going to be their provider. No problem, my singing voice is decent and I know a lot of songs. I don't mind being silly either. Here are my tips for being a kid-friendly provider:
  1. Doing things on a doll, teddy bear, mommy, or daddy really helps.
  2. Make sure to ask the adults how they are related to the children. As the PHN, I've often been confused as being the mother.
  3. The body is an instrument. Yes, you can play drums on the abdomen while doing percussion. Come up with an awesome beat and the kids stop wriggling to listen and even laugh.
  4. When doing a genital assessment, make sure to say "Only doctors, nurses, mommy, or daddy can look or touch you here". When feeling femoral arteries say something like "boop, boop!"
  5. If you want to check the anus while the kid is on her back, ask them to be a frog so that they draw their legs up to their chest.
  6. From their, you can do a pelvis check by playing a leg as a guitar. It helps to know a famous cartoon or children's character theme song.
  7. Children are curious when you tell them that you're going to hunt elephants or zebras in their ears, nose, or throat. They are especially fascinated when you see a purple teddy bear, or pink frog!
  8. It's good to let the child play with the instrument before you use it (or do it on mommy or daddy first)
  9. An even better idea is to make some cool noise when you're bringing it closer (airplane, train sounds are particularly helpful).
  10. When doing an eye exam, it's helpful to sing a song that rhymes, the doctor I saw did this in Spanish and it's much easier (Mira p'arriba, Mira p'abajo, Este Lado, Otro Lado). My English version: Eyes to the Sky, then Eyes to the Toes, Eyes go this way, Eyes go that way. I'm sure you can make a better one, suggestions are wanted.
  11. The blood pressure cuff is a hug for your arm
  12. When having a lot of trouble, stickers and crayons work really well.

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