Friday, July 19, 2013

Medical Records Interpreting (MRI)

In public health nursing, MRI means something else from the regular medical world. Interpreting is one of the many roles I play as a CPS nurse. Since I work with social workers who are trained from the social science side and have NO medical training whatsoever (unless they are possible a medical social worker, but even then you aren't a nurse or a doctor), I have the lovely task of interpreting medical records. So something like "tri-layer retinal hemorrhaging" is interpreted into lay English as "bleeding in the 3 layers of the eyes, this is rare in accidents and signature of abusive head trauma also known as shaken baby syndrome." Or "mother was born negative for methamphetamine and infant was born positive to methamphetamine" means, "the mother most likely did drugs 3-5 days ago depending on the amount, but the baby's metabolism didn't process the drug as quickly". Another common baby thing is "cutis marmorata" or "milleu" which are basically "a normal skin reaction where the body reacts to cold by displaying ring-like arteries and vein patterns" and "baby acne", respectively.

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