Thursday, August 15, 2013

California Medical Care

Wow. I'm realizing how lucky we are in California and especially in the county I work with in Northern California. I'm working on transferring medical care from California to a smaller state and I'm finding that there are very few resources in other states and their counties. There are no General Field Public Health Nurses that can help case manage or coordinate care and there are very few specialists near more rural areas. My patient may have to go into another state 250 miles away just to get the specialty care he needs if I can't find anyone. In my department we have so many programs: Cal-LEARN, Asthma, Lead, General Field Nursing, Pre-to-three Nursing, Family Nurse Partnership, Adolescent Family Life Partnership, Child Protective Services Public Health Nursing, Adult Protective Services Public Health Nursing, and then we have Golden Gate Regional Services, California Health & Dental Program (CHDP) and California Children's Services. California has so much to offer our public and I feel just really lucky to be able to work here.

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