Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Holiday Wish List for patients

As we approach the holidays I reflect on when I was a kid and how I always wanted some kind of material good. As I get older the gifts aren't as important as the thought. I find myself wishing for more non-materialistic things like world peace, ending world hunger, and healthcare for everyone. If I could make wishes come true or ask Santa for somethings this would be my following wish list in order of importance for my patients:
  1. Affordable, safe housing. This alone would eliminate alot of issues we have for our patients and allow them to receive better care. It's difficult when you move from place to place to remember appointments or get reminders sent to you or have community support when you're a nomad.
  2. Affordable Child-Care. The families I work with don't want to be on government support. They want to work and live the American dream. Affordable child-care would allow parents to work or study and get ahead.
  3. More therapists/psychiatrists. Alot of things don't get done by our parents because they are also traumatized. It's hard to think about the future when you live for today.
These 3 things alone would make such a great impact!

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