Monday, November 25, 2013

It's oh so Quiet

It's been really quiet around the office lately. Granted we now have a wait list when the nurses have over 25 cases, but we also don't have a lot of referrals. In Public Health Nursing, it's common to have a lull around the holidays. Parents are out of town, busy shopping, or busy so making home visits is not a priority. I told this to a friend who then informed me that child abuse is at it's highest this year, but I had meant that my work was quiet. Somehow, reporters mandated or otherwise tend to not want to remove children during the holidays where other children are with their families (abusive or not). I get it and in a way I get it. However, one of my co-workers stated how one year a social worker decided to return a baby to his parents on Christmas Eve for an overnight unsupervised visit because the parents were doing well. The father killed the child that night. So in a way I condone leaving children with unsafe parents because it can lead to the worst. With the holidays comes a lot of stress, emotional and financial, drinking (parties), and some children may be the ones who suffer from the parents abuse. For alot of parents who were abused, the holidays also bring a lot of bad memories of when they were abused and it becomes a negative time for them to be dealing with their children. So it's pretty quiet around the office and lots of co-workers are on vacation visiting family. I got stuck here because I've been using my vacation days for school. Enjoy the holidays!

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