Friday, December 20, 2013


Yay! It's Friday. Around the PHN office, Fridays is usually a desk day. Lots of families travel on weekends or have other appointments. We also do 9/80 schedules (every other Friday or Monday off). My flex day is Wednesday so I can do school and then use a vacation day for the Wednesday I'm not off. It's pretty quiet around here. Today I have only one visit of a foster child. He has alot of medical and developmental issues. Since he's been in foster care he has improved so much. He may be put up for adoption if his parent doesn't improve.

Speaking of Adoptions, I had a patient earlier this month who is an infant. He is so cute and smart I would take him myself almost! He will likely be cared for by a relative. Parents are in jail. And I know that this kid will have a much better life being adopted. Except his relatives want him. It's conflicting for me because I see a beautiful amazing life ahead of this kid if he gets adopted to a good family. But if I see him returned to a family living in poverty who may love him but not be able to provide as promising a life, I feel conflicted. What is more important? Familial love in poverty or an adoptive love with opportunity? I don't know if I'll be around long enough to find out what happens to him, but I pray that it's all for the best.

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