Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Today it made me so sad to see several homeless alone for Christmas. On the way to a friend's house for Christmas lunch one poor man was sitting on the sidewalk. He looked very dirty and had dark clothes. He was sitting next to a planted treat and just staring into the street as we drove by. I wanted to give him the cookies and candy that we had, but I felt like that was so unhealthy. Mostly, I felt bad that he was alone. I'm sure he has some kind of family out there. Later on our drive I saw another young man maybe in his late 20s or early 30s digging through the trash can. It made me so sad.

At work, our county is very committed to helping families. They've created a space called the Children's Fund where anyone can donate money or gifts and clothes to children in need. They are open year round, but especially work during Christmas and the First Day of School to provide gifts
and backpacks for kids. I've been working with a certain family for a while. They are a very poor family and don't have much more than a child in Latin America, seriously. I've lived in Honduras as a Peace Corps Volunteer and have traveled nearly a dozen countries around the world and have seen alot of poverty. This family though is so beautiful because they are such a little family. They spend alot of time together, the mother sincerely wants the best for her kids. This year they were adopted by an organization and recieved a Christmas tree, bus passes, and nice gifts for the children. I also brought gifts from the Children's Fund and they were so excited! I've seen these kids for about 5 months now and they have been connected to so many medical and community resources. I've seen the kids improve through physical therapy and they've grown before my eyes! Although this family didn't have much, they had so much love and a warm happy home. They were making a traditional meal from items that were donated and mom invited family friends and her sister. It meant alot for me to see how far she went for her family with no income. It's truly beautiful. I'm going to miss the perks of this job when I leave next week.

I've mentioned that I've resigned from my great job! My last day is 1/3/2014. I was asked to stay as Extra Help (part-time, no benefits) until they hire a new person. I said I could only do a day a week and my supervisor said that whatever I could give was fine. I really would like to find a nurse clinic position while I'm in school (they're usually flexible, nights, weekends, few shifts). I heard that our county is hiring and I had once had an interview and should still be on the list since it was less than 6 months old. I have yet to hear back and in county time getting hired can take like 6 months. It's always hard to leave a good job to pursue a dream.

I originally took the job as a PHN last year because my husband had lost his job and we needed some stability. I worked for 3 months before he found a job (it took him about 4 months). I stayed on though because I had already missed my winter quarter classes which start as part A. So I couldn't take many classes because most of them were Part B. Luckily, my work was able to pay for a small portion of them, about 15% or $1,000 which was great! In the summer I took a break from classes and loved just working. It's nice to come home and not worry about what I have to do. I decided to do both work and school full-time in the Fall of 2013 because I had the opportunity to graduate with my cohort. However, now in Winter 2014, I'm realize I need to do more residency hours and that I potentially want to do a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program.

I had inquired about the PNP program at my school and the coordinator had approved my transfer, but the assistant dean said I needed to wait and apply as a Post-Masters student because it was not fair for the applicants despite the fact that I was taking anyone's seat and the coordinator had a residency spot for me. Anyhow, it's fine that I do this, despite having to spend an extra $15,000 at least and lose wages of $$75,000 for 9 months of not working. I'm turning 30 soon, and being in school still makes me anxious. I just want to finish and move on. Even though I enjoy learning, its stressful. School is not like work, you can't just turn it off when you come home. You're constantly having to do things for school, even if it's not studying, papers, or projects. You're organizing, planning, reviewing, e-mailing, packing a lunch, preparing a bakcpack, reading documents, or talking to students and professors. It's a lot of unnoticed/unplanned work. Somehow, I've convinced myself that I need to do school and I need to do it now or never. I'm leaving a great job, great co-workers, stability, security, for the unknown. That's crazy! I'll keep you posted though. I still haven't decided if it'll be through this blog or my other blog, since I'll no longer be a PNP, so keep an eye out!

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