Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Good Company

Well it's certainly been an adjustment going back to school full-time after being gone from full-time status about a year. Each morning I wake up thinking I should get ready for work. Then I realize I'm in school. Not getting a paycheck helps though. I'm trying to be careful about not overwhelming myself with units, but there are so many interesting classes to take. I want to take advantage of all my time here. Working and Studying both full-time made me miss being involved in student government like I used to be last year and I missed the social activities and getting to take lunch time electives. The point being going to school is an adjustment though.
140 graduate nursing students. It's amazing to be around so many great nurses and professors!

A tip about going to graduate school. I'm the type of person that likes to go with the flow, sit with friends and not feel alone (I assume most people do), but I also want to be a good student, and be around people who want to study and do well and enjoy the class. During one of my classes today, I sat next to a couple of people who were not interested in the class and constantly commenting on how boring the class was. So ok, some classes aren't fun, but school shouldn't be. My goal is to learn as much as I can for the $8,000 a quarter that I pay!

I actually found the class interesting and believe that this class was one of the most important in terms of connecting the thinking between population health and individual health care. I felt it was rude and disrespectful when they chatted, asked me a question not related to the class, or were studying other class's material. So for the afternoon class I sat by myself. Yes, it was lonely, but I was able to focus more on learning, which is the more important part. Near the end of the class, I realized the person sitting next to me was my former preceptor when I was in nursing school. She came back to do a post-masters. So I made a new friend and learned that being on my own is not that bad.
My favorite flowers Gerber Daisies! Sometimes I like to treat myself with flowers. Plus they last about a week, make me smile, and don't add calories!

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