Thursday, January 9, 2014

Excitedly Overwhelmed

I have back to back classes on Wednesday from 8 AM- 5 PM straight without a lunch break. Yes, that's the program trying to be for working nurses. Though it only works if you're per diem at a hospital or clinic since classes are twice a week and clinicals are twice a week. That only leaves the weekend and one weekday to actually work. Thus, I left my wonderful full-time job. And I'm glad I did. It was the right choice for me. In exchange for a 6-figure income, stability, financial security, mobility, benefits, and co-workers I traded in for a 2-day residency at a local Children's hospital's Child Development & Behavior Clinic where I also get to work in the High Risk Infant Follow-Up clinic, a provider Collaborative, and a Children's Study! All super-interesting where I could learn a lot! I also chose 18 academic units of work, which if by the calculations of 2-3 hours of outside studying per unit, that means (4 don't count since they are residency and electives that only require showing up) I'd have to study about 28- 42 hours/week on top of the 18 hours I'm already in residency clinic and the 14 hours in class, not to mention the commute time, or my volunteer activities at church. That makes for a very busy life! It is overwhelming. So much work in 10 weeks!

With 14 units of classes, that makes for a bunch of scheduling and planning work. I didn't like the Franklin & Covey daily calendar that I was using for work. So I opted for an Orange Circle Studio planner that has the days of the week listed across and then sections below. I can totally use this for my classes to write in what's do. I also like that it comes with various stickers. I just wish they had made more since I tend to use them. What I didn't like was that they only sell as 17 month planners, I don't want to carry all that extra weight around with me to school. It also has a weekly quote. Hopefully this will help me keep on track for everything!

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