Sunday, November 1, 2015

New job, new blog

Wow, I can't believe it's been 7 months since my last entry! So much has changed! I hope to get back to writing a little more now that I have settled into my new job of 4 months now. For now, I have great news:

I started a GoFundMe campaign to see if I can get some help for my student loans, so if you get anything out of this blog at all, please feel free to contribute to all of the education I've had that informs you. I could use all the help I can get!

So I left my job at a major hospital ambulatory center in Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics and am now working at a federally qualified health center community clinic in San Francisco. I LOVE my patients, I LOVE primary care, and my heart is really happy to do this kind of community work. I highly recommend anyone in health care to get your soul renewed in primary care. It's a small family clinic so I do it all: adult, pediatrics, and pre-natal. I LOVE it all! I work with two adult providers, though they are not full-time shifts, and a pediatric provider full-time every day, and a nurse midwife once weekly. All of this may change in 2016 because we are growing! Currently we have 3 adult exam rooms, 2 pediatric adult rooms, 1 adult lab/immunization room, and 1 pediatric immunization room, 1 therapist room, 1 patient registration/insurance room, 1 nurse's office, 1 patient services supervisor office, 1 provider room, 1 staff lounge, 2 shared restrooms for patients and staff, 1 dirty utility, 1 clean supply room, 1 office supply room, the front desk, 3 medical assistant hubs, and a medical records space. We are looking to change some of the spacing soon and hopefully I'll have some photos I can show for before and after!
I have to say that this job and my last job are very different and before I left my prior job, I thought very carefully about I should do. Here were my considerations:

Big Hospital Job
Small Clinic Job
Great pay & benefits
Pay at 30% less the rate at Big Hospital Job ($15k less and more days of work...) and decent benefits
Shared office with 4 people
Own office
Administrative Specialty Nursing
Clinical Primary Care Nursing
90 minute commute- 3 modes of transportation (so many Cal-Train delays!)
30 minute commute- 1 mode of transportation
40 miles away
4 miles away
Part-Time/ 4-days a week
Full-Time/ 5 days a week
13% travel 55 miles away from home
Travel for meetings 2 miles away 4 times/month
Worked with attendings, residents, fellows, nurses, administrative assistants, speech therapists
Work with nutritionist, therapist, pharmacist, physicians, nurses, administrative assistants, midwives.
See patients 1-3 times max
See patients regularly, several times a year or more
2nd youngest staff person out of 20+
6th youngest/14 staff person (more co-worker outings)
Irregular staff meetings
Bi-monthly staff meetings
Knowledgeable & ambitious supervisor
Supportive & creative supervisor
Used my Spanish 20% of the time
Use my Spanish 80% of the time
Qualifies for PSLF
Qualifies for PSLF
Name Recognition
Small Agency
Great benefits
Decent Benefits
Education Pay $2,500
No Education Pay
Specific Learning
General Learning
NextGen EHR
Little/No input on how clinic is run
Large input in how clinic is run

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