Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nurse Clinic Manager

Job titles am I right? It seems like some positions can't be captures in a few words, yet somehow organizations try. At my last job I was a Clinic Nurse Coordinator. No, I was not a coordinator of nurses. I was a Nurse that was Coordinating a Clinic. I'm not sure how that could be better stated: Clinic Coordinating Nurse? My role was that of a clinic coordinator and I just happened to be a nurse. I don't think nursing was required for this job, but health experience certainly helps. This job was more administrative nursing for a sub-specialty pediatric clinic and while I had alot of nurse skills, I didn't feel like I was using what I had learned in school. Probably for several reasons, but mostly because in nursing school you only get trained in med-surg type of nursing and secondly, you tend to think of nursing as work that involves patients instead of computres. My Clinic Nurse Coordinator role involved mostly chart reviews that did involve critical thinking, assessment, and pathophysiology (of the brain/behavior mostly). I really craved that patient interaction and while maybe I didn't leave in the best way, I made the best choice for me at the time and I don't regret leave that job for my current job.

My current job title is that of Clinic Nurse Manager. Again, I'm not managing a clinic of nurses (but how awesome would that be?). Maybe a better title would be a Clinic Manager Nurse? Charge Nurse & Clinic Manager? Who knows. The important thing here is that I get to see lots of patients every day and do alot of care coordination for them: refills, referrals, education, basically telling them what to do when this or that happens...Which works out fine for me because 1) I am the oldest child of 3 so I'm bossy and 2) I'm smart, or at least people think I am and tell me so, so why not share the knowledge I have with others so that they can benefit and 3) most importantly, I LOVE helping people be better.

That is why I surround myself with people who want to make me better. The other day I realized how draining it can be to constantly give, give, give to patients. Especially when they have difficult lives and compared to them, mine is so easy. I had parents who wanted the best for me (though imperfect they are), supported my efforts for higher education, gave me a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in, and gave me what I needed to be successful. But for years now, I've made it a point to invest in my emotional health and go to therapy so that I can fill up my cup each week, I try to eat healthy, I try to exercise (some weeks more than others), and try to keep my personal and family relationships alive. I'm happier than I've ever been and switching jobs really helped. While I've finally found work that I enjoy doing, I'm not satisfied with where I am just yet.

My professional goals are: Ambulatory Care Certification, Certified Diabetes Educator (this one is the most challenging, costly, and worth my investment for the ROI), Wound Care certification, and Family Nurse Practitioner. I'm still thinking about a DNP/PhD, but not sure... The PhD may be in something else like public health and not necessarily nursing. Public Health is my first love. Well those are my rants for tonight.

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