Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Extra Extra, more news!

So January flew by and suddenly we are in mid-February. I have a big birthday month, the double 3s. I was hoping to celebrate big but since our goal is to pay a bunch of my student debt this year, I'm forgoing any major spending (Ideally it would have been a private table at a Latin club for dancing). Anyhow, the good news is that my boss at my per diem job is advocating for me to work 8 hours/week for now to keep my knowledge of my job so that's fantastic because I can keep on top of my student loans. My supervisor at my part-time job also gave me an additional 4 hours bi-weekly (so 8 extra in a regular month), which also adds to my income and helps me feel good about paying off my student loan a little quicker than planned. I'm on the 10-year repayment plan, which brings my monthly total to $2,200/month so I try to pay more when I can.

The other news involved moving, possibly changing jobs and apartments, which really sucks considering how much I'm enjoying my jobs and how quickly things are changing in the positive for me at work and in my research. I'll post more once we make a decision.

Still waiting to hear back from SF State, but with our potential move, I'm looking to apply to another program. Luckily, the deadline is still open until June 2017, I just have to ask my recommenders to send me another letter.

This sudden opportunity has brought about a lot of discussion with my spouse. Most of it has been discussions about finances or rather lack thereof. This opportunity could help us move ahead financially and theoretically the sooner we pay down my student loans the better, right?

I thought I'd never have to struggle much in my relationship, but as you know the 2 things couples fight about are: money and sex or actually the lack of it. Some nights I dream that I'll suddenly win the lottery and that will help pay off my student loans, but the reality is that I think the only way it'll happen is hard work and time. I wish I had some hindsight to be able to have understood how my student loans would have affected my future.

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