Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Day 2- Attitude is Everything

Here I am in my hard-earned Pure Barre trucker hat, requiring 20 days of Pure Barre classes in a month! I love this hat, because I followed through on something that wasn't easy, required commitment, even when I was: sick, tired, and traveling. I also got a tank top and wine! It was March Madness at Pure Barre and you knew from day 1 that you had to come to class 20 times that month. And even though I've had months where I didn't work most of the month, I still couldn't get to class. Once I decided I was going to do it (I mean it helped that there was a hat, tank, and wine involved as incentives), I followed through on it. There were points that I wanted to give up. I was gone 5 days on a trip, and it was the 15th and I only had about seven days of classes in! But I managed to show up about every day for the next two weeks and ended up showing up 21/31 days! I've learned that attitude is a choice and the more you cultivate a positive attitude, the more natural it becomes.
But I do think that having been a Pure Barre client for 10 months now, it's been really helpful. I did read an article at how group exercises helps people with anxiety/depression form community (and it also gets you out of the house and out of your head). I've not always been consistent in my attendance, but I've noticed that I'm more confident in all areas of my self. Confidence can really increase enjoyment and focus. I also feel like I have a strong foundation and a stronger sense of self. And I think constantly hearing the amazing instructors who are constantly giving positive encouragement in class. Sometimes I take that positivity with me to work or throughout my day. And mostly I'm just super proud that lately, I can get through a full hour of Pure Barre and not be so worn out afterwards!
Here's my high protein breakfast: Whole Yogurt (I should probably write another article about how I did my full fat diet and improved my cholesterol), blueberries, honey, granola, and chia seeds.

Today's lunch is: pinto beans, Mexican cheese, guacamole, corn tortilla, egg, and broccoli with water.

I straightened my hair today and I love the length!

So today's photo of the day is: Attitude is Everything. Once I was working in a new nursing role and I was thinking of quitting and finding a new job because it seemed to be harder than I bargained for and I personally didn't feel like I was doing very well. I know I'm capable, but I didn't want to disappoint my boss or coworkers and not do as good of a job as they expected of me. When I get anxious, I flee (fight, flight, or freeze, and I'm flight all the way). So my first response was to flee, start all over. My own feelings had no basis in reality. My boss later gave me a review about a week later and I found that I was on track to doing what I was supposed to do. By the end of the week, my coworker who trained me said she was proud of my improvement. And the following week my other coworkers said she was grateful that I was there. I'm also VERY grateful to be at my jobs (yes, two great jobs!). I love the flexibility of my schedule, my time off in between per diem shifts to run errands, go to Pure Barre, the gym, post office, the mall, and grocery store! And am extremely grateful my husband is so super supportive about it all. Now I'm very happy for having stuck through with it. I think it was possible because I had a lot of support and have worked on myself.

I think my other area of life where I see that Attitude is Everything is in my workouts. I always want to workout 7 days/week, lose those last 5 lbs, and eat so super healthy. And I don't always give myself enough credit for those days I do show up (with less than 4 hours of sleep), pick the vegetable salad instead of the pasta, and skip the drink or dessert. I've never realized how attitude can make a difference. I was in a class and a woman next to me was just sitting through most of it. I know that any high intensity workout class can be hard, especially if you've been out of shape or out of practice. And when most of the clients are long-term attendees and make the class look so easy and you're looking like a crazy chicken, it can make you want to quit! But there's a difference between just sitting there doing nothing and trying or attempting the moves, even if its slowly. That's when I realized that I need to give myself credit for when I am courageous and put myself out there to try, even if I can only do 1 in the set of 20 reps, but at least I'm trying. And you don't try unless you think you can, and you can!

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