Monday, May 1, 2017

May Fitness Challenge

This post is all over the place! I'm so excited to start a new month! And having it start on a Monday has inspired me to set up some new goals. I found this #grinderglamchallenge posted by @Leti_Reconstructed for the next 31 days of May.
So to start it all off, here's #1 on my list:

So I'm pretty good about getting physical activity in when I'm not scheduled to work my per diem job because my Pure Barre Studio has about eight classes per day, so there isn't a reason you can't go throughout your day because they have as early as 6 AM or as late as 8:10 PM classes. Coincidentally, there is  a 30-50% off sale today, but I've decided to hold off purchases this month to bills and fresh produce/groceries. We've been great about not spending money on going out to eat or travel, which is how we've been able to fast track my student loan payments and the goal to not spend on unnecessary things is part of my long-term plan to get out of debt. The hubs has promised me a huge party when I pay down that student loan.

Exercise gets a little harder when I'm at work for a full 8 hour day because it takes me 30-45 minutes to get to work, that hour for lunch isn't included, and then about another 45 minute drive back home. I get an hour for lunch, which I want to use for at least a 30 minute walk, but get so busy handling other errands, or hanging out with coworkers that I forget to do it. I have no excuse, though, because the gym is only a block away from my office! Luckily for me, I work 2 half-days, which means I have plenty of time for exercising, studying, spring cleaning, and preparing healthy meals. I often forget that the gym has a shower and it would be great for me to show up 1 hour early or stay an hour late to do a 30-minute run and a shower

I'm really looking forward to meeting my May goals this month! I have a work trip June 2-3 in Vegas which is just over four weeks away! So I want to look my best to meet all of my national co-workers and start my summer bikini body training. Typically I do about 1 hour of barre about three to five times a week. The last two weeks I was only able to get in about two or three classes because I've been working about 45-55 hour weeks and then got sick, but I'm pretty proud of myself for even going on those days, which were Friday evenings after work and early weekend mornings, despite only getting a few hours of sleep or getting over this long and dreaded cold I've had for about 11 days now and finally starting to get over this cough and congestion. I usually only do my intensive Pure Barre strength training and once in a while a Platform Cardio class, but I want to start adding either some two or three mile runs and maybe a weekly Yoga/Zumba/Body Pump class into my schedule. If I can do it this month, I'll be set into some great habits and in the best shape I've been in recently (I was a gymnast for 10 years).

Plans for today:
-Laundry, that gym clothes isn't going to wash all that sweat off!
-Vaccuum, we have our weekly community group meeting tonight at 7 PM
-Pure Barre class either 4:30 or 5:45 PM today.
-Read my Practical Insulin 4th Edition ADA book for my CDE exam studying
-Post my meals to
-Update my FitBit tracker/goals and get it all set-up for w-fi and blue tooth connection to get my workouts in sync.

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